Punta Cana

Created in 2021, SOPORTEX is a company that offers and develops telephone answering services, online technical support, international telemarketing, audiovisual production and teleservices for national and international companies, with no limits in terms of geography, time or language.



We have the capacity to attend, with high levels of efficiency, the requirements of the multiple companies, enterprises and institutions that require assistance. Although our headquarter is located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, our range of action goes beyond geographical, time and languages limits. With a 24/7 service, SOPORTEX places within the user's reach the attention they require regarding the goods and services offered by the contracting organizations or individuals.

The heart of SOPORTEX's corporate culture is based on three fundamental concepts that determine the company's strategic management: mission, vision and values.

The key in the definition of these three concepts becomes an essential factor for the pretensions or ideals of SOPORTEX to transcend abstraction, and become concrete in the satisfaction of the real needs of its distinguished clients. In this sense, it is important to emphasize that priority is given to the total quality of the services provided from a solid triad constituted by the performance of a well-trained employee, the technological-communication innovation, and the linkage with various economic and social entities-environments.


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